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HR Services

When an employee makes an informal or formal complaint, the employer should take immediate steps to stop the alleged conflict, protect involved parties and begin investigations.

Under many laws (e.g., Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA), the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, state and local nondiscrimination laws), employers are legally obligated to investigate complaints (harassment, discrimination, retaliation, safety and ethical) in a timely manner.

In addition, any appropriate corrective action is required to be taken by the employer to ensure illegal actions and behaviors cease immediately.

Responsiveness to a complaint and an investigation will not only yield the best information and evidence, but it will also enhance both the investigator’s and the employer’s credibility. Investigations can help the organization identify and resolve internal problems before they become widespread. At Smith Consulting & HR solutions we will walk with you through these investigations, providing you consultation all the way through.

Obtain the necessary insight and tools to design or modify, implement, and administer a performance management system that supports the mission of your organization. Learn how to evaluate performance management from a systems perspective, to understand the relationships between the various system components, and to develop strategies for interlinking components into a system that supports your organization. Engage in a variety of discussions, activities, and case studies to reinforce such concepts.

Program Objectives

  • Align a performance management system with the strategic goals of the organization,
  • Design or modify a performance management system to support motivation, learning, coaching, mentoring, recognition, and communication between employees and their immediate supervisor, and,
  • Measure the effectiveness of a performance management system in supporting the strategic goals of their organization.

There are several laws that require compliance when operating a business or organization. This compliance is also based on location nationwide.

Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will provide you resources with guidance in complying with a variety of federal statutes such as reporting, disclosure and posting; requirements, maintenance and retention of employee files, as well as other regulatory requirements.

Leave request can be tricky areas of medical leaves of absence for employees. When an employee takes medical leave, a web of laws may come into play: both FMLA and ADA, state laws on workers’ compensation, and paid sick leave.

Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will provide a full understanding of the employer’s obligation to grant time off for medical reasons, the rights and responsibilities of the employee taking the leave, compensation and benefits during medical leave, and reinstatement issues following leave.


Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will provide an introductory overview of key HR topics and the fundamental issues surrounding HR to help you effectively approach the challenging issues and everyday situations that you face on the job.

Developed by SHRM, the world’s largest HR association and leading advocate for HR professionals. Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will help you understand the large complexity of HR Functional Areas, Technical Competency, & Behavioral Competency and what it means to your organization.  

HR Functional Areas

Technical Competency 

Behavioral Competency

The program offers knowledge and skills required by HR professionals to be able to respond to the contemporary challenges in the area of employee relations.

This is a practitioner focused program for HR professionals with 5 -15 years of experience.  Organization HR / IR Heads, Plant HR / IR Heads, HR and IR managers / practitioners working on implementing IR processes and policies in their organizations will benefit from this program.

Program Outcomes

  • Inculcate an enlightened approach and equip participants with knowledge and applications on Employee Relations
  • Enable participants to manage the changing scenarios effectively
  • Identifying emerging areas and their implications for industrial relations and respond proactively
  • Equipping participants with abilities to build a Proactive Employee Relations Approach


The key modules that make up this program include:

  • Emerging trends in Employee Relations
  • Conflict Management, Collaborative approach to collective bargaining
  • Preparing for settlement
  • Handling misconducts
  • Emerging trends and new age issues
  • Contract Labor

Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will be able provide your every need for staffing. We will help you analyze the organization, recommend best practices, and create a staffing plan that will be suitable and specific for your organization. 

If you're looking for employment, will be able to provide you with an employer that is looking for your service.  If you're a business looking for that right candidate, Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will direct you to that right person to fill your employment need.

The program is designed to help professionals recognize and build High Performing Teams (HPTs) by encouraging positive attitudes and behaviours. The program also inculcates an appreciation for process of change and helps build capabilities for HPT members. 

Program Outcomes
  • Identify HPTs,
  • Find attitude and behavior of a positive and effective team player,
  • Identify ways to create a High Performing Team (HPT),
  • Understand Synergy and path to build common vision 
  • Identify negative barriers to effective team work and ways to overcome them,
  • Help the participants to appreciate the process of change and build capabilities for HPT team player,
  • Help participants to achieve extra-ordinary results individually and as team. 

The program content is spread across the following modules:

  • Understanding self and power of self,
  • High Performing Teams,
  • Building HPTs,
  • Building change for team building,
  • Empathy and Positivity,
  • Action Planning.

Holding a Master’s of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment law, Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will be able to help you apply HR law to your organization.

Having worked in, studied, and negotiated several contracts labor contracts, if you’re facing a labor contract and you’re just confused on what to do, Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will provide you consultation on creating a contract that is helpful to all parties.

Getting your on-boarding right not only makes your life easier but gives your new starter a lasting positive impression.

On-boarding and employee set up are simple when you only have a couple of staff but as soon as you start recruiting more than a couple per month, you really need a defined process. 

Who is going to do what to get them set up?

Who needs to be part of the on-boarding process and what does it need to consist of?

Will you do a company presentation or do they need to get down to training straight away? 

Having a clear plan for what happens during your new starter's first day/week/month will not only help you but, more importantly, will enable the employee to get up to speed faster and will give them the right, lasting impression.

Smith Consulting & HR Solutions has qualified specialists who have the experience and expertise to help you put together a clear plan, with timings and owners, to make your new employee’s first day’s ones to remember for the best reasons.

The HR business partner (HRBP) is responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management in designated business units. The position serves as a consultant to management on human resource-related issues. The successful HRBP acts as an employee champion and change agent

Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will be that Business Partner your organization needs and provide that partnership needed to get past any HR issue.

Today's workplace needs are complex. Whether you're looking for guidance on the hiring process, or wanting to explore options for an employee situation, or you want to understand the potential impact of a human resources decision, Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will be there every step of the way providing HR strategic direction.

Holding a Master’s of Jurisprudence in Labor & Employment law, Smith Consulting & HR Solutions will be able to help you apply HR law to your organization.


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